Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Everybody,
Sorry for the long gap between posts! My dear friend Yanna recently pointed out that I haven't updated since may, so in her honour, (but also because I'm reading Coraline) I present to you: Hamish the Scottish Terrier.

I haven't been drawing much for the last few months, so please bear with me while I shake off the cobwebs! Please enjoy the new blog design in the mean time!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Junk drop! I haven't had much time to draw lately between the job, gym and electric guitar (my new found hobbie! I own an ESP F50, and it is. AWESOME. ) But anyways, here's a couple sketches! I was waiting for the boyfriend to wake up (because I'm nice) so I gave myself something to do: an alphabet of animals that amuse me! I only got to C, but Duck was going to be next! Maybe I'll make it into a serious cleaned up project when I find some more time.

But for now, I present to you: A is for Aardvark, B is for Bison, and C is for Chipmunk.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hippo! Anonymous reader encouraged me post more art, so here it is! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately - I've been super busy with a new job, and I had to put another candle on my cake this month. So I'm officially old. Or at least mid-twentyish. Anyways, I'm combating mid twenty-something spread by hiring a personal trainer at the gym. Busy busy. But I promise that I'll post something once a month! For now, enjoy this haphazard hippopotamus.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday's Sloth.. a little bit late

Well, I owe you a Hippo and a Raccoon.. and probably whatever happens on Sunday too. I'm running a bit behind on promised drawings because life happened! Anyways - it only seems appropriate that the sloth monster is a bit late in arriving.

P.s. I'm really, really sick of deleting posts by anonymous "people" in broken English about how this really helped them with an assignment. Darnit Blogger, get your act together! No more spam! I've had like... 8 of those already. Boo.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Daily Draw-Off: Fish Wedneday

Mutant fish! Well. I guess this one wasn't too much of a stretch. Sorry I didn't have time to clean it up - very busy week! Hippos tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Daily Draw-Off: Pig Tuesday

Alrighty! It's Tuesday, and mutant swine are on the menu. Don't be fooled. They taste just as good as regular pigs. More critters to come! Keep checking back this week, and don't forget to look for Lucas's retaliation.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mutant Monday: Bears

As outlined in the previous post, this is my Monday entry for the Mutant Draw-Off between Lucas and I. Sorry Lucas, I know it's a half a day early, but you know I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

The Bear: I tried to think what the most terrifying mutant bear would be like. And the answer was the Carebears. That, and how alarming their tongues are. And in honour of our mutual affinity for pie, I call this creepy mutant carebear "Sparkle Pie Bear". Because they all had stupid names like that. Mr. Lucas, this one is dedicated to you. Happy Birthday.

I promise, the other ones will be more twisted.

Draw-Off: Mutant Beasts

Earlier in the month, my ever-so-beloved friend Lucas and I decided to hold a draw-off - a fierce battle of talents to see who's brain is more twisted. A while ago we had both decided to draw mutant bunnies to update our neglected blogs with, and we've upped the anti this week with a similar challenge. We'll be posting one mutant animal a day for the next seven days as follows:

• MONDAY - Bear
• THURSDAY - Hippopotamus
• FRIDAY - Sloth
• SATURDAY - Raccoon
• And on SUNDAY participants will create a mash-up of two of the above animals.

Mr. Lucas, I accept your challenge. It's ON!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Junk drop! This was a one minute sketch that I decided to colour just a bit. You know - just to be fancy. I'm looking forward to spring, and planting yummy things! Hah. And would you look at that - you can totally tell that I grew up on William Steig illustrations.

Also, here's a cleaned up version of William (Bill) the Hayseed.